Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌹 #OMG

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌹 #OMG

Hello everybody,

I hope you don’t forget to buy some flowers for your loved ones today. 💐

This year I bought some different sorts of roses in different colors. I did some research online and found a shop where you can buy one year lasting flowers in my city Düsseldorf. These roses are real and and last for one year. you can also buy them online and they do special arrangements if you desire. 

They shop uses special containers for their roses. These boxes will help to keep the roses alive so that they will last for one year. These roses are also called “infinity roses”.

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This post is not sponsored by Fleurs de Paris or anybody.

Its my personal recommendation and inspiration for you!

Would you buy these flowers? What do you think about Valentine’s Day? – Leave a reply.

Enjoy you day! – Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌹

Kevin @feschaks

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