Airbnb: New York experience

Airbnb: New York experience

If you are ever planning to travel to New York I can fully recommend you this apartment! Vicky did her best with designing her apartment and its very beautiful as you can see in my pictures & video above. It is located central in Williamsburg near the Bedford Ave (where the magic happens) and its very easy to get from there to Manhattan.

I can fully recommend you to explore Williamsburg at night because there are many restaurants and bars you need to see! I was happy that I had a great Airbnb experience and can recommend you to try Airbnb! I got a recommendation voucher for your first Airbnb experience here: Airbnb Voucher (30 €)

I uploaded these pictures on my Snapchat you can follow me there: me.kevin

If you want to know more about New York please leave a comment below.

Picture of the Bedroom

Charming Williamsburg Apartment ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (29)

Charming and cozy 1 BR apartment nestled in Williamsburg. With a lot of heart, and an expressive vibe, this place tells a soulful story all its own.

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